The Kawaguchiko Station Inn is located across the street from the Kawaguchiko train station.

== From Tokyo By Bus == 
Take Fujikyu or Keio buses from Shinjuku Sta. (Shinjuku Highway Bus Terminal) to Fuji-Yoshida (110min), Lake Kawaguchi (110min) and Lake Yamanaka (120min).This is the most convenient way to the Kawaguchiko (Lake Kawaguchi) Sta.

== From Tokyo By Train == 
Take the JR Chuo Line from Tokyo or Shinjuku Station to Otsuki (70min by direct limited express or 100min by local trains with one transfer of trains). At Otsuki, change to Fujikyuko Line. Fuji-Yoshida and Kawaguchiko is 50min. Please note that JR Pass is not valid on the Fujikyuko Line. 

== From Osaka or Nagoya (Kansai Region) == 
Take the JR Tokaido Shinkansen to Mishima Sta. From Mishima Sta, ride on a bus to Kawaguchiko Sta. (departs every hour / 120min). 

You can take a bus from Gotemba Sta. (70min), although there is also a bus from Mishima Sta. (100min)

*JR Pass is useful for local trains from Mishima to Gotemba (transfer trains at Numazu Sta).

There is one daily express bus from Nagoya to Kawaguchiko Sta (5 hours).


· Mt. Fuji Gogome Station (Fifth Station) 
If you want to climb Mt. Fuji, go to the 5th station which is located at the elevation of 2305 meters.

· Fuji-Q Highland
Amusement park, famous for the Fujiyama roller coaster, one of the tallest coasters in the world.

· Mt. Tenjosan Cable Car & Kawaguchiko Lake Cruise
Enjoy the beautiful views of Mt. Fuji from the mountaintop and from the lake.

· Kawaguchiko Monkey Theater
Watch funny monkey performances.

· Kawaguchiko Retro Bus
Best way to go around in the area. Two day pass is available.

· Oshino Hakkai
Eight ponds in the beautiful countryside of Oshino. Great spot to take pictures of Mt. Fuji.

Please feel free to ask our front desk staff about the directions.


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